BIG DROP in book sales for April

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    Not sure why, but April sales of my 2 nonfiction books are LESS THAN HALF as compared to the previous 4 months. I didn’t do anything special or different in April… still staying active on social media, buying Amazon ads, giving speeches, no change in book prices, etc. Just curious if anyone else noticed this too???

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    Did they each have that significant a drop, or is that for the two combined? No personal experience, but it seems rather logical that the book “Engaging College Students” would have a drop in sales now – it’s well into either the 2nd semester or 3rd quarter, and coming close to the end of the school year. No idea as to the other book.

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    The drop was in total sales, but you made a good point about seasonal sales. ECS book sales were down in April of last year a little, so you might be right. Still, it is a little jarring to see such a drastic drop after 4 solid months of sales of both books. ECS and my other book (a self-pub book) sold very well last May, so I’m hoping for a rebound next month. As far as self-pub book seasonal sales, I’ve noticed that my self-pub book is very popular in January when lots of folks are making resolutions to write their first book.

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