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    Hello, I am an author and entrepreneur based in Miami who is currently working on a side project called “FollowMii,” which allows
    authors to coordinate with individuals with high social media followings in order to promote their works. I am NOT trying to sell or
    pitch a product and I want that made very clear, but I do need a couple of fellow authors to assist me in understanding if this is
    even something people would want to be involved in. I am not asking for money, just feedback on the idea.

    If this sounds of interest to you, I would love to hear from you so I can set
    up a brief interview to discuss the service and what it may provide for you.
    The end goal is to determine what the viability of this service may be.

    For admins or moderators, please let me know if this post is against the guidelines so I can remove it and avoid being banned.
    I do not want to infringe upon your forum, and want to make sure I do not lose my right to post on here just because of this post,
    as the Terms of Agreement promote non-solicitation and I am pretty confident that this is me asking for help, not trying to solicit
    an item or service. If this is the case, feel free to delete this post but let me know not to do it again, otherwise I am banned for
    something not specified in your terms. Thanks for any understanding and hopefully this is an okay post. If not, remove it.

    Thanks all!

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