Any writers out there who are non-native English speakers?

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    Hi there,

    My name is Irina. As the title says, English is not my mothertongue (I am a Russian-born German). I would like to become a member of this community as I dearly miss the exchange with other writers.

    So far I have self-published four books, the first two are historical novels written in German, the two recent ones are collections of poetry and short stories written in English. Currently I am working on a horror short story (in English) which is based on true events that happened in my family.

    I have been pursuing a writing career since 2013, but I have only now realized that I have made my life more difficult than necessary by never seriously reaching out to other writers for a creative exchange, writing advice, or to gather new ideas about great self-publishing marketing tools.

    My background: I have a BA in Art History from the University of Glasgow and an MA in Creative Writing from Teesside University.

    Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to chat with you all.


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    Welcome to the forums.

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