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    Long but very informative article about those author earnings surveys and the way we really need to look at them.

    Author Income Surveys Are Misleading and Flawed—And Focus on the Wrong Message for Writers

    It points out the problems I have always had with these kinds of surveys (whether it involves authors/publishing or any other area of life where people love to do surveys) – inclusion/exclusion, self-reporting/voluntary, inaccuracies/puffery from respondents, conclusions that don’t fit the data, etc. Specifically, who was allowed to participate, lumping all types of writing into one box, ignoring writer productivity, etc.

    I particularly like the pointing out that writers have NEVER been paid what they think they should be since the printing press was invented.

    At any rate, a reminder about critical thinking when reading any surveys – don’t assume they’ve been done properly and then go ranting off into the sunset. 😉

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