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    The following two paragraphs were part of a piece I wrote five years ago and posted in Critique Corner on the old writer’s digest community site. But when that site was shut down, myself having saved no other copies of this piece, I lost it altogether. I consider it to be poetic prose, so I posted the two paragraphs I remember here. I have not written anything like this since, so I am frustrated to have lost the other three paragraphs.

    I’m not even sure if I remember the first paragraph correctly, but here is what I remember of that piece.

    “As finger points at finger, so face averts from face. And each hides the character of its host. As for us, we have justified ourselves and demonized each other. We have sought to purge each other’s good traits from the knowledge of our friends. As dust blackens the clouds, and venom wilts the trees, so too have these things polluted our bond as friends. But the day we met was not so, for the day we met was a day of trust, a day without doubt, and a day without fear, a day that since has never dawned again.

    For you were a princess in a land of suitors, a star in the midst of worlds, the treasure of princes too cowardly to lead you, who left behind their kingdoms to seek you, who chased after you like brave men pursuing a wondrous fire. Some were honorable, and some dishonorable, but none of them could gain you. When you shone among the trees and flowers, and your face beamed out into all the land, though many knights on horseback rode with boldness, though many princes raced across the world, your brightness awed your suitors from afar, your beauty struck the mighty down with wonder. Yes, afterward they stood and bowed. Yes, afterward they gently kissed your hand. But their courage dissolved in a flash, and they swelled with the shame of peasants.”

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