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    What is everyone planning to do for 2018?

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    Self publishing an apocalyptic memoir -it’s in the final edit, should be ready by the end of January.
    Sequel to a previous novel – release for the fall.
    Writing a Photography book.
    Put together a first draft to one of three ideas I have sketched out, starting this summer or fall.

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    Finally getting back to writing. I haven’t written a thing in almost 2 years for personal reasons. I am determined to get my butt in a chair and get cracking on a revision to one of my novels.

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    Finish editing my current novel, begin querying agents about it, and pitching it to agents at PitchFest in July.


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    Editing my book Steel Prison and hopefully publishing it.

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    I am planning on working on my mystery novel. I’m on the second draft and would love to have a copy that I can have people read by end of 2018! I also want to research the best way to go about having it published – do I first seek out agent, or just send out to publishers? So if anyone has advice on that I would welcome it.

    I also want to enter competitions that WD has – the free ones! Like short short stories and the ones where you write just one sentence based off a photo.


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    Hi, Heather. You first seek representation by an agent, and then s/he sends it out to publishers. A few publishers do accept unagented submissions, but it’s best to have an agent.

    Best way to find an agent is to open an account on QueryTracker. It’s a great service, and it’s free!

    Best of luck on your novel!


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    Finished the second draft of a novel back in 2016. I need to get back to it. Wasn’t happy with the second half, so this will be a major rewrite as I try to make the story arc more “arc-y”.

    Also, I have a horror character that won’t stop bugging me. I need to get her story going again. This will probably go self-pub. Still making up my mind on that.

    Over at “my place,” I mentioned a sci-fi story with some intriguing concepts. Need to get that going, too. As experimental as that is, I’ll probably self-pub it.

    And get back into some poetry. I’m setting a 2019 goal to self-pub an anthology. Not a long one.

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