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So, this just came upon me a few weeks ago, and I want your opinions on this peice. I apologize for the bad grammer or typos/mispellings. I just randomly opened a word document and started typing. Any input would be greatly apprecaited.

Your Battle

This life is nothing but a worn torn field. Truly look at your soul and see the scars left by friends, family, events that changed your life and perspective. Now if you’re an atheist then this does not have such a great impact on you, but if you are a Christian or have any thoughts on the afterlife than this small dialogue may pertain.

Look back and see the swirling emotions that seem to twist every moment. The images that flash every second. Some are good and glowing, yet others are dim and shadowy. The fact is that all around us there is a supernatural battle going on. This may sound fantastic or crazy, but it is very true and stands to reason.

The Devil IS real. Most like to wish him away though he will not be deterred for long. Some like to revel in it or use the excuse “the Devil made me do it”. All the Devil did was put the idea in your head and you acted on it. So, only you and ONLY YOU can make yourself do it and give into this small temptation.

On the other hand GOD, does exist. Most reject who He is or sit on the fence and say “I do not believe in Him, but I will still participate in this world”. God does nothing accept test and put small things into our lives to see if we amount to what we are truly worth. He has already given us a chance for new life with His Son, Jesus Christ. He only wants us to fair well against the Devil. He gives us weapons in prayer and following a straight road. Most give up on the straight road since there are only pitfalls and fissures in it, they do not last beyond those to see the smooth brick and lush foliage on either side, past the obstacles.

The Test God has set before us is one that is honorable and adventurous and glory filled. He is asking us to conquer the Devil at his strong hold, Sin. Jesus has already gone before and wiped it from its foundation, but it is up to us to fight the remnants. God has given us a duty to fight and lead others on in the fight.

The battle field I mentioned in the beginning, is your soul. This whole world is centered around the struggle inside all of us. It is left for us to decide who wins. Whether we take the side of God or the Devil, is the deciding factor. The soul is what God and the Devil strive for in every man, woman and child. All it takes is a small nudge.

-Alexander Pyles