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Hi! I am a senior in high school going on to college this fall, and I have quite a list of determination fueled by some of my accomplishments. Obviously- I love writing, and like most of the people here, it’s a passion. When I was a freshman, I began to write what I thought would be a short story after my grandmother asked for a clean romance (blah), and I ‘fell in love’ with the story. It grew- quickly- and I ended up writing a full length novel by the end of my freshman year. An epiphany hit me when I was in the middle of the first novel- and I realized that there were more stories to be told with the characters of the novel. My sophomore year, I wrote the second novel in the series. My junior year- I wrote the third. I am working on my fourth novel- all in the same series (though I have ideas for other series- TRUST ME 🙂 )- and I absolutely love it. I’ve taken my time to do more with my writing than just sitting at my computer desk. I was asked to create a play version of my first book- and I was able to write and direct it during the fall of my junior year. I was also chosen (as a sophomore) in a sophomore/junior Artist scholarship program across my state in Creative Writing. I’m a national champion in Impromptu speaking for my on-the-spot speeches- so pretty much everything that I do has writing and creativity in it. I’m working on sending queries letters to see what can happen with my first novel. God has blessed me with ideas and determination. I know that I am young- and I know that I have the world ahead of me. I’m willing to start now and learn what I can about the publishing world. Any ideas, comments, thoughts? I support those that have my dreams and know that support is one of the greatest gifts one can give. I hope you all can connect with me on my journey- and I’ll try to keep you all posted! God Bless~~~ E. Layne