Re: writing about sound



Last weekend, I “ran line” on four youth soccer games. That means I was one of the referees on the sidelines, running up and down the line with the play. I happened to be on the side where the parents were sitting (players and coaches on the other side). There are lots of sounds in a situation like that, and I got to thinking about how I’d describe them in writing, which led me to thinking about writing about sounds in general. The reason I’m posting this musing is just to see what others have to say about this topic.

I’ll give it a try for my situation. Please feel free to improve these, or just to share your opinion and wisdom in general.

The sounds I heard were:

indistinct murmer of voices as the parents conversed among themselves

sharp intermittent chatter from the players on the fields

blasting whistles near and far from referees on the various fields

loud excited yelling from fans when a goal was scored

angry outbursts from parents who disagreed with a referee’s call

firm words of caution from the referee to a player getting out of hand

playful laughter of children brought along for the ride, not watching the games but playing together

an occasional jet overhead

whipping of my own flag when I ran

panting of my breath, same

grunts and thumps when wrestling players got close to me fighting for the ball