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Mary Jo

So this was the fourthy week of the class I’m taking. In my defense, last two weeks I’ve gotten very little sleep, my grandmother’s had a stroke, is in the hospital, my son is going through a rough period where he fights us on everything, my job sucks, my care is 10 months past due on inspection and I still don’t have the money for the muffler work needed.

So I think it’s fair to say I may not be writing at the top of my game. However I have often thought that one of the areas that I need work with in my stories is my use of dialogue. I think my dialogue for the most part is believable but I do recognize that my dialogue isn’t used as effectively as possible. So were doing a practice today and well let’s just say my deficiancy glared in full color for all to see. Now I’m glad for the class, I’m glad that everyone in the class is supportive, and I’m glad the teacher gave some pointers. Just there is a big part of me feeling very beaten down. Oh well, time to climb back in the saddle and see what happens, just needed to vent a bit and I figured you guys were curious about how the class was going.