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I do not have writers block. I have several ideas for books, articles, and short stories. My problem lies in where I start. Should I just whip out everything and send it to anybody? Everytime I start leafing through the Writer’s Market looking for a potential publisher, its like hitting a brick wall. For one reason or another, my idea doesn’t “fit” their criteria. For example, I think I have an excellent article idea for Family Circle…but, they want me to send clips and I have not been published yet. Do I just send the query anyway? Should I send samples from my blogs? I do not want to appear unprofessional, so how do I stand a chance?

I would love to develop articles based on many of my academic essays from college. With an emphasis on sociology and humanities, many of the subjects I wrote about discussed important issues such as abortion, immigration, the constitution, family values, etc. All of my professors were extremely impressed with my writing skills…but I just don’t know where to start.

Would anybody log onto myspace and read a few of my blogs? What kinds of publications do you see taking my work? Am I asking too much of you all?

Should I post something here for you to read instead?