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Given the trials and tribulations, and cliches of a writer’s life, I thought a thread noting what we’re doing might be interesting, informative, helpful and periodically useful.

So here goes.

Just printed off four of my first five chapters; the aim is to edit and compress; the opening of the book is messier than later sections. I keep going around in circles of how to best introduce the plot and main character.

This afternoon I’m going to edit (again) a short story and attempt to expand a fragment into a full story. You might have seen the fragment on the Pumpkin smashing thread, I like the characters Chad and Miriam and want to know more about who they are, and what their purpose in “The Haze” is.

After that a little craftwork by reading more of “Aspects of the Novel” by E. M. Forster.

Also I am chewing like a cud obsessed demented cow; I am trying to quit smoking and hoping Nicorette takes the egde off. So far so good.