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I have never wanted to touch any reader with my words like this before
the feeling is so strong like that of a sleep deprived person who loudly snores
I don’t know where I’m going but know what mountains I want to push
but sometimes I feel as if I’m standing still and hiding behind a green bush
What exactly I am hiding from I don’t know but am positive it will pass
and the green bushes cut down will take place after mowing the green grass
Don’t ask me how these thoughts come into my head because I cannot answer that
compare it to a true physic reader hearing voices while looking at palms and balls of glass
If you come down with a virus or the flu and have to go see the doctor soon
he or she will give you medication to cure the sickness by pill or liquid in a spoon
This site gets the sometimes crazy sick and hard to understand thoughts out of my head
and the comments and critiques made are the medication I read and take before I go to bed

* Dedicated to all my friends, mentors, and amazing writers on this site that have pushed me by critiques and pushing me to try and reach my full potential. I thank you all *