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barb schmeling

3/26/09 DRH

Home looked familiar as she pulled in from the road,
the porch swing, rocking chairs, everything looked
pretty much the same, then she saw Mom’s flowers,

Heart wrenching pain.

She sat in her car wondering about getting out,
when memories of her childhood,
in her mind played their game,
like an instant recall down memory lane,

Why did she leave home?

Remembering the day she left, such a fight she
and her Mom had, even including her Dad.
Telling her sixteen was too young to leave home,
and the thoughts of

Marriage was really all wrong.

How could she admit they were right,
ask their forgiveness and hope they
would ask her to come inside,

She had missed them so.

When the door opened, her Mom looked frail.
Did she see her in the car, will
Mom know that it’s her?

She sat trembling!

Her Mom’s coming toward her,
with her hand shading her eyes from the sun,
Mom’s getting closer and all she wanted to do was run,

Would Mom still be mad?

Her life had been full, being an only child,
getting everything she wanted with only a smile,
then she met Johnny, she became known,

As J’s girl!

She had the world by the tail,
run her course in the fast-lane,
aborted two babies, that left her full of guilt and shame,
now Johnny was gone and her gravy-train too,

She needed her parents to let her come home.

Her Mom was now looking into her eyes,
she said “Honey, is that you? What are you doing
sitting outside? Get out of that car and give
your Mom a big hug!

Tears were streaming down her face!

She opened the car door and hugged her
Mom like never before, saying, “ Mom I’m so sorry,
forgive me if you can. Her Mom held her close and,

Whispered in her ear, “I already have !”