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I’ve always loved to be different and expressive, and I’ve always been a tomboy. My dad had two girls and no boys, so I was it. My sister wasn’t much of a prissy girl, either, but she wasn’t as bad as I was.

By the time I was nine, I knew all the professional quarterbacks in the NFL, and I could tell you what kind of car was approaching us by the style of its grill. (This kills my 20-yr.-old son even now because I can name the muscle cars).

I used to sit up at night and wait on Kung Fu to come on so I could sneak in the living room and sit behind a chair and watch it. (Even then I knew I would be a martial artist.)

Several years ago I went through a phase where I thought I should express myself with my license plate.

We had two black Grand Prix’s in 2000. We had my Babycar, which was a 1988…and the car love of my life, and we had a brand-spanking new 2000 GTP, complete with a sunroof and all leather interior. It was a bad-to-the-bone looker.

The Babycar was a good-looking car, too, but you know how it goes when there’s a new kid on the block.

I love a black vehicle. My motto has always been nothing looks better than a clean, black car, and on that same token, nothing looks worse than a dirty black car. Believe me; my vehicles never stay dirty long.

I decided to come up with a name for the new Grand Prix.

I studied on it for quite a while. I would sit and write words I thought would be a good description of the car, itself, and I would let family members and friends look over them for their input. I put a lot of effort into that tag.

My research took place around town and on the web.

Here’s a list of other plates I find interesting:


COMIN4U – found on a Cadillac hearse

IDLVER – a local OBGYN

DADIOU – Dad IOU on a Trans Am

HIHOAG – Hi Ho Silver

IBCNU – I’ll be seein you

ICULOOK – I see you look

IXLR8 – I accelerate

NOT OJ – seen on a white Bronco in Northern California

NS8IABL – Insatiable

NYTMARE – seen on the highway

O2BME – seen on highway

SPLAT – on an exterminator’s truck in Oregon

STIFF 1 – on a hearse

THE END – hearse

WARPDRV –warp drive

XCELR8 – accelerate

XPIRED – another hearse


The name I came up with was WKDRYDE.

A lot of people got it right off the bat, but some people had to ask.

I’m not as much of a car-fanatic as I once was. Age has a way of showing a person what the important things in life truly are, even though I can still appreciate a nice ride!