Re: Too much info…


Anthony Head

A week or so ago, I posted all the delicious details of my colonoscopy, trying to ensure the report was accurate, positive and encouraging. I know there are many of who need one or should have one, but you’ve been lurking around, stalling and as James so eloquently put it, “know a fella who never had one and lived to be 40.”

It really was a piece of cake, absolutely no complications at all. There were no post cramps, no post bleeding. Everything was perfect.

That is, until four days after I posted the account, when even a poor clotter should have been completely healed.

I arose a week ago, puttered about for an hour and then proceeded to … Well, you know the drill, let’s just say that even with Ulcerative Colitis, I am a ‘regular’ guy. Every morning about an hour after wake up.

I came, I sat and I bled.

Do not let this impact your decision to get your colonoscopy. It wasn’t life-threatening, or even disabling, just messy.

I did enter the hospital because no one could figure out why and my internist wanted to know. He’s an expert, probably done over 15000 of the suckers and he has a superb track record. You just don’t bleed after.

I’m home now, no serious bleeding after the initial blast, and no minor bleeding at all in the last two days.

What caused it? No one knows. I’m scheduled for a bunch of tests as follow-up, but in the good doctor’s words, “John, you’re just weird.”

The important thing I wish to convey to you is this: Do not jump all over this and say, “Hah. See, I am not getting this done.”

“Get ‘er Done!” Please? It’d really be stupid to die from something that is over 97% curable when caught early.

Thanks, now get back to writing.