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Revised: Thanks for the feedback. I’m not completely ‘there’… but I’m hopefully going in the right direction?


What is the weight of a breath?

Deep, shallow, short, prolonged,

Brilliant, breathless, bountiful.

With softness, lightness,


“Thank You”

“You’re beautiful”

“I love you”

…Life by breath flies free.


How much weight does one breath hold?

Huffing, puffing, whirlwind,

Baited, barren, binding.


…go away, you’re stupid.”

“Thank You…

…for being so gullible.”

“You’re beautiful…

…like a landfill fire at sunset.”

“I love you…

…as long as you make me happy.”

…Life by breath encumbered.


The weight of one breath can cut.

Can scorch. Can crush.

One breath can build. Can heal.

One breath performs miracles:

“I do.”

…and two become one.

One breath quenches a light:

“Roll on two!”

…and the executioner’s job is done.

…Potential power

Over life and death,

Heart and breath.


How many breaths did I take today

How many cuts did I make today

How many hearts did I inflame today

How many lives did I take today

Or did I breathe peace and life

Did I soothe and help

Did I forego judgment to stand

in your shoes and say, “It’s okay.”

“I know…

…what it’s like to be different.”

“I know…

…what it’s like to make a mistake.”

“I know…

…what it’s like to feel unloved.”


Maybe if we breathe together

We will begin to realize

The weight of one breath.

To breathe the love and

Give the love and

Share the love and

Be the breath of love.