Re: The rose



I am working on a story line that will have the figure of the rose woven all through it. I am just now collecting my thoughts. Maybe you have already done a bit of research on the rose at another time and could point me to your sources.
The rose has different meanings I am told, and when I gave my wife a yellow rose she thought it had a significance like hope or friendship. She said :

Thank you…it was very thoughtful. Nice rose…I want to “smell” it!
🙂 The yellow rose has meaning…I have forgotten exactly what.
Some people tie it in with the “Yellow Ribbons” for returning
but its significance runs earlier than that. Would be an interesting
research project. I think the Yellow Rose is the symbol of
Friendship…but don’t hold me to that.

I have heard that the red rose meant love or marriage, and the white one was the first rose color. Supposedly all the other rose colors sprang fom it,
Where eagles fly,