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The Life of Death
Why won’t death die?
Take a final breath
So we can cry
For those lying sick in a bed
Heavy heart and achy head
How can death cheat?
What our lives
Must complete instead

When greeting that final breath
Upon reaching the end. This death
This is what I’ll say….
“A life gone today
But death never lived
Never had something stolen
Never did it give
Death didn’t grow old
Had no memories to hold
Never was it hot
No need for warmth when cold
No love. No hate. No war
Nothing would it adore

Do not cry for me
And a life lived no more
Instead, shed a tear for death
It is forever without one single breath
This life could not be lived
Please believe
Without a life of living
From a death received…”

Fade into brilliance this life explored
Without death, a life no more
In this life we seek a forever. Are we clever to find this forever? It’s underneath our nose. Exposed by the life we lead when death is received.