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A J-Bird

The growth of my life has been mirrored by an endless garden of blossoming ideas, its only limitation was the division between my mind and the act of expression. Nothing else could be considered more natural for me than to create tales of the most epic and remarkable kind. Instead of an imaginary friend, my childhood was accompanied by a universe of fairytales and adventures. All of which seemed to cast a considerable shadow in my life on the so-called greatest fiction of our time and the classics which came before them (I mean this in no way to be disrespectful.)
When I read, “Lord of the Rings,” “His Dark Materials,” “Harry Potter,” “Ender’s Game,” “Eragon,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “Tristan,” “Beowulf,” “The Tempest,” etc. I thought to myself every time: “That was great for about a minute, but it was also very disappointing.”
Perhaps every storyteller has this feeling when they experience another work. I honestly don’t know. All I know is that Star Wars left me yawning. I never had a favorite story growing up because nothing lived up to the standards of my own imagination.

Anyway, the reason I’ve babbled on about this to you is because I’m quitting before I ever started. I am now attempting to abandon fiction completely. There are two reasons for this.

1. If you have ever read the book “House of Leaves,” you might remember reading about how the actual person who imagined the story was a lonely blind man who never finished any story he began. His story was finally written down years after the blind man’s death by a less-imaginative guy who found bits and pieces of the work and then obsessed over making it into something real. This is the nature of the extremely creative. We are mentally incapable of doing the middle part, so stop asking. It negates everything we naturally and spiritually are. You might as well cut a bird’s wings off. Its an act of cruelty, and it is ignorant to expect positive results from it. For the love of god and all things holy, do not ask the imaginative people to “focus.” A good analogy for it would be like commanding a logical and focused person to be creative and accept abstract ideas without any explanation. Its just flat-out naive to do such.
Anyway, despite also having a little OCD on top of my ADD, I don’t have the patience to finish my work. I jump back and forth between the two poles of my personality all the time, and all that ever comes out of it are very well thought-out storylines and extremely detailed fictional worlds, particularly in the area of its history. However none of it gets written down because it is too psychologically painful for me. So I’ve given up on ever producing intellectual property on my own.

2. I have found that the only thing which lives up to my expectations of complexity and beauty is the real world. I have discovered that only god himself ever made something which I feel always overshadows my own ideas. I’ve come to experience facts and theories of the world to be more interesting than fiction ever was. Reality has become my new fairyland and from now on the only thing I will attempt to author is my own life story. I’ve wasted enough time in that area as it is.

I, Everett Daniel Arey Jr., have decided to break away from fiction permanently.

The only thing I can think to do is just hand away my ideas for free to anyone who wants them. Like an intellectual closing sale. If there is anyone out there who can’t think of a good story, come see me. Almost like a mother wanting to see her children succeed, I don’t want to see my stories fall into the cracks of oblivion. Before I leave my dreams behind, I desperately want to see someone out there use my imagination productively for once. I want to see something somewhere that shows: Here is proof that Everett Arey did not waste most of his life daydreaming.
I want someone to help me prove that my imagination was not a worthless gift. I need to see my ideas rise into existence before I move on, regardless of whether or not I get any credit for it. In fact, if you just want little pieces of my stories, like ideas for creatures, plots, characters, worlds, and civilizations, then I would be more than happy to give mine away or make new ones for you.

So please, someone out there respond to this message. Any focused writer out there who can do the actual writing, but has trouble being inspired or coming up with extraordinary ideas, please take advantage of my imagination. I’m just giving away my life’s work. Nothing in the world is complete by itself. Right now I need someone out there who’s particular personality can counterbalance mine, and thus produce something great. Please, anyone out there who is just feeling like they aren’t particularly creative, you are the perfect person for me to team up with before I leave fiction behind forever.

My email address is Write to me with a description of yourself and what sort of stories or ideas you would like, and I would be happy to give you some of mine.

(I mean this in no way to be egotistical) My work is amazing. I don’t care who you are, it will astonish you. Please take it from me. Please benefit from it.