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The Exposed
The hair underneath the nose
Is exposed
Didn’t you know?
It is having an affair with the upper lip
Everybody knows
It completely covers it
Like a warm blanket in the cold
A romantic story to be told
The hair that grows underneath the nose
By love and everybody knows
How horribly it was missed
When shaved
Slick gone this day
Naked and cold was the lip
“They say the razor accidentally slipped.
I’ll have none of it!” as this lip quivers and throws a fit
“I bet they ran away. The razor is sharp and a tart I must say!”
But the razor sits on the sink.
With a cunning heart, it never blinks
Making this lip think. Making this lip come to the brink
Of losing it all
“You are a murderer. You are a thief
Took away my only love. Brought me nothing but grief!”
A can of shaving cream sputters a response,
“Little lip. Don’t cry. Your love will return
But from this a lesson you will learn.”
The lip curled in a growl as it was wiped with a towel
“The hair under the nose chose to keep you hidden
How beautiful you are – We say good riddance
How nice it is to see you smile. How good it is once in a while
It’s all about style. You have it for miles.”
The lip grinned. This lip without hair.
Thinking, “Beauty comes from within”
“It’s always been there!” the shaving cream declares
For the first time in years exposed to the air
The tastes it now tasted. How many years were wasted?
By the hair under the nose
For covering the true beauty
Right under our nose
Shaved the beard and my little girl wanted me to “put it back on”. So – I naturally thought of the lip and how it missed the “kiss” and warmth of it’s hair only to find a lesson of inner beauty? Too bad silliness cannot be profitable – I just wish I had the same passion for things that WERE profitable! Better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable….but I’d like to try it out one day……won’t you assist?:)