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This meditation for my collection, I feel, is very important.  If you read these, you will see a few more in this same vein. Children are our future, let us help them to seek the truth–as Jesus as their way shower. 


The other day I heard someone say, “What a precious commodity our children are.” Our children? A commodity? How can our children be a commodity? Webster describes commodity as: “any useful thing, anything bought and sold in commerce, personal advantage.”

Well I thought, I suppose if you think of children as a tax exemption they would be a ‘useful thing‘. I suppose toy manufacturers could construe children as ‘useful end results’ for the sale of their products. But children as a commodity for ‘personal advantage‘? Perhaps, pushing your child/children into quick stardom, claiming guardianship over their trust fund?

It made me wonder how young families view their children; and for that matter, what they are teaching them? Do you as a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, maybe even a neighbor take time to talk with your/a child, as Jesus told his disciples. Jesus taught in parables, so that even a child could understand. Are you, as the adult, teaching your child by example of your good behavior or have they become a commodity–one more thing you must deal with in this fast paced world of commerce?

Our children are a precious gift from God. Let us take time to acknowledge that each has his/her special needs to attain self esteem as an adult. You, as the gown up command great power over your children. More than you may think you do. You have the power to help mold their thinking and beliefs; not by doing their thinking for them, but by allowing them to make choices to learn lessons on their own. All their choices may not be right, but through your love and guidance you can support and show them what is right from wrong.

Raising children is and never was an easy job. However, don’t let the world outside deter you to think of your child as a commodity. Your child was and is an expression of your love. Your child deserves your rapt attention to his/her needs to grow into the adult God intended. Let today be the day you stop and seriously take time to spend talking with your child as Jesus did. Perhaps at bedtime you could each learn a new Bible verse. What a wonderful start that would be, and how Jesus would smile upon you and your child.

Dear Father/Mother God:

You have placed a precious life in my hands. Help me to understand the needs of this child so that he/she may grow in strength, wisdom, and love for you. Lord God, you have blessed me in so many ways by the gift of this child; and it is as I teach, I am also learning. What a wonderful learning experience it is. Bind us in love, but through that love let me know when to loose and let free, for my child must learn much on his/her own which I have not the power to determine. I place myself and my beloved child/children in your hands. As your dear son Jesus taught the children with loving words, so let His wisdom pour forth from my voice and actions. I humbly ask this blessing in the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ— my way shower.