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One winter evening I went out to acquire a kitten. Oh, not just any kitten. She had to be special. She had to be petite, dainty and a bit shy.
I was looking for a long soft haired kitten with green eyes. They called her a Shaded Silver Persian, but I called her Angelique because of all the
kittens I saw that night, she was the most dainty and shy with a bit of minx in her beautiful green eyes and yet an angelic face like none I had
ever seen before.
Daddy paid for half of her and I paid the other half. In part, that is what makes her even more special. And so our life together begins at
Christmas. (Christmas Cat)
I took pictures of my little Angelique every week because I knew she was growing up into a beautiful cat. I wanted to keep picture memories
of her to reflect on when she became an adult cat. We go many places together. I could fit her in my coat pocket or my large purse which
has plenty of room for her. Some days we go for walks in the sunshine and I brush and comb her long, soft, silky hair.
We both love adventure. I can tell by the way Angelique jumps up on the window sill and looks out watching and listening
for any action that might perchance come her way. Some days are slow and quiet while others are full of life and adventure.
Angelique loves the birds that fly past her window almost as if teasing her to come fly with them or catch me if you can.
That’s when I pick her up in my arms and lay across my bed with her front and hind legs in the palms of my hands I raise her up in the air and
sing, “Supercat! She flys through the air with the greatest of ease, my darling young cat on a flying trapeze”. She just loves it. We both are
having so much fun together thinking about all kinds of new adventures we want to try, from beautician, circus trapeze artist, mother, window
washer, chef, model, ahh the list goes on and on. One thing is for sure, we shall never be bored and we will always be busy living life and having