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This work was done last night I need to go over it and check it, but this is all I got for now, its rough as it only took about ten min to write and bare with me Im not very good on pc. Im open for comments, The hand of Man has left a creed, One cannot undo his deeds, Written into the soul of creation, The air he breathes a abonimation, Rain that burns the skin below it, Waves that take his life to show it, On ears that fail as do his deeds, Creation clearly states the needs, Take no more and leave no less, Heed these signs its for your best, With eye on one and hand on another, Man clearly states I am only a hunter, The more I have the more I need, And missed the sign that killed the seed, Once its gone youll see no more,The chain lie broken on the floor, The hand of Man has left a creed, His childrens children to pay the deed, With hearts of hope that times still there, Theyll search for wisdom to repair, On ears that hear but now to late, Creation cries the final state, Give no more and take no less.