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Heavenly Harping

{A loud harp sounds, and the Lord of Heaven enters ‘my space’.}

“Lord we have a dissenter in our midst.”

“Explain yourself.”

“Well, Jeffrey here says he is tired of playing the harp. Could he try a different instrument?”

“What color is the one he has?”

“Blue, Sir.”

“Well I guess he could sign out the red one.”

“Jeffrey says he wants another musical instrument, not another harp.”

“This is not a simple band up here, and he must play the instrument I choose for him. I happen to like the sound of the harp. Tell him I also have a nice yellow one that he could play. Besides it would go better with his yellow hat.”

“Sir, you meant halo didn’t you?” The angel lowered his head in deep reverence.

“Yes, but of course. Did you think that because I am the Ancient of Days that I’m getting senile?”

“Absolutely not, sir – I would never …”

“See to it you don’t. I can still read your mind you know.”

“About Jeffrey, Sir – is there another sound that might please your majesty, such as the drums?”

“Yes, cardinal idea – you deserve a golden stripe for that young angel. Brilliant, I knew there was a reason we kept you. Of course, let him beat on a drum. It will be a welcome change. Tell him he can quit his harping now. Maybe we should look into outfitting everyone with drums this year.”

“Well, Sir that might be a bit much for heaven. I just thought …”

“I know what you thought and for that you get another stripe.”

{ A loud harp sounds once again, and the Lord exits to another angel’s space.}

Heaven – a place where eagles have been known to soar to,