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Wow! I’m really starting to enjoy this site; all of you are so positive… and creative!

As for me, I spent 15 years as a cop and left to open a new business. My timing was impeccable – with the recent economy and perhaps a little inexperience on my part, my business quickly floundered. Funny thing is, I started writing to promote my business and other folks began telling me that they liked what I wrote. I’m not sure that I will ever be good enough to make a living with it, but if anything, it’s become a wonderful new hobby!

So with that said, greetings to all of you!

A note: for those that may ask, my screen name has no real tie to me. Yes, my name is Dan, yes, it is my real life, and the movie’s only parallel to my existence is that I enjoyed it because the main character reminds me of me (Hopeless romantic, blurts out silly things from time to time, have experienced similar misfortunes, always learning new lessons about life, etc.)