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I would like to share a poem I wrote several months ago about procastination.



I heard the word preached many times before
But tonight would not be the night
Oh, I intended to give my heart to God
But in a week or so would be alright

What would friends think of me on my knees
And of a young man,that actually prays
I’m young, there’s more time and I can wait
But, I’ll do it one of these days

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months
And still I continued to wait
Not realizing the danger of putting it off
Not dreaming I procastinate

Not thinking that God could come any day
At a time that no one can tell
Alway dreaming of going to Heaven in the end
Never wanting to wind up in Hell

Out of the blue, a sharp stinging pain
I feel deep in the left side of my chest
Suddenly I remember I”m not right with God
“Oh God, I’m not ready I confess”

Waking up I hear voices tho I still cannot see
I still hear the words they say
In horror I realize they’re talking about me
Saying, he probably won’t make it today

Tears well in my eyes as I try to pray
And continue to roll down my face
I remember the words of the Pastor last week
“Come boldly to the throne of grace”

His preaching not to be ashamed of Jesus
In any one thing that we do
For if we should be ashamed of Jesus
Then he will be ashamed of us too

As I pray to God nothing else matters
He gave me strength and helped me take a stand
God has given me the courage to face anything
And the courage to stand as a man

Boldly and unashamed, I call out his name
Asking forgiveness and he answers my call
All praise and glory to a forgiving, healing God
Whose grace is sufficient for all

( C ) September 1, 2007 Clarence “Sonny” White