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Hello Everyone. I feel honored sharing my work with you, with people who love poetry. Thank you.

So not to waste your time, I think a poem would be the best introduction…

Song of the Tone-Deaf

I grew dreams of bridges built,
of skin colors crumbling like concrete walls.

I grew dreams of feeling love,
logic broken like a light bulb in the throat.

I kept my windows down, turned music up,
looked through her eyes — to catch a soul.

But all that’s left is smoke and time.
And how much setback must one really stomach?

See, sometimes dream-spans must be trimmed,
and expectation’s best locked away.

And when that cold vent hums in your heart,
call me — so we can make it all a song.

(I’d love to hear what you feel I’m doing right, and what you feel I’m doing wrong).