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Hey to everyone! I’m excited to have found this place. It looks like a cool forum and a great place for writers.

I am a new writer, not published of course. I love to write, the possibilities are endless. I’ve always been a big reader, a long time Stephen King fan but haven’t read much of his newer stuff–some of it is just waaaaay out there and over my head, but the old stuff I love. More recently I’ve developed a love for the true story and the memoir. I guess I just get something out of others trials and tribulations.

I don’t like to write true things for the the most part though. Once in awhile I’ll get something down, but that’s usually more my big fat opinion on something–nothing earth shattering!

I do like to write fiction because the sky is the limit. I love to entertain with wacky stories or be entertained by reading them. I do write regular fiction too, the age old story of a boy and girl is something I’m working on though no where near finished. I get distracted easily and at one moment may be writing about said boy and girl and a day in their lives and the next moment I could be writing about a young child’s magical adventure. That attention span may be my downfall lol. I just can’t help it, when I’m struck with an idea if I don’t go with it I’m afraid I’ll lose the inspiration.

So anyway, enough about me. There’s a forum full of stuff I have to go check out….