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I posted this on another forum, and someone suggest I post it on this one. Here you go 🙂 :

I’m new to this forum, but I feel like I should get as much advice and support as I possibly can! Starters: I’m about to graduate and go to college on a scholarship I received from a writing scholarship program I got into my sophomore year. I’ve written three full length novel manuscripts, have started the fourth (in the series), have written and directed a play version of the first novel, have won performance competitions for my speeches, etc. I’ve been speaking with veterans who have been reading some of my work, and they tell me that whenever I can get exposure- I’ll be ready to step into the writing world. So I ask the world of writers: do you have any advice for a passionate youth? My first goal: publish my first novel. I know this is a crazy world to crack into, so any advice is great. Any opinions?

I hope God blesses you all in your own adventures!

God Bless,
E. Layne