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Sometimes you feel like Jack and Jill
as the tumbled down that hill
with the pail of water but in others case
the water could be the holy water of your soul in a vase
No matter how many times you fall , so they say
you dust your self off and try at it again the next day
As you keep in mind that some out there in the world we live in
and the problems they have are always worse scale of one to ten
Suddenly while realizing after contemplating in your mind
the life you thought was so bad is closer to ten than their own you find
And an eye opener has widened as a tear falls down your cheek of selfishness thinking
to know how swollen the other person’s tears that fell down much harder while blinking
Granted are things taken everyday though not always intentionally
just writing this before I lay my head down to rest is taken as a reminder note poetically