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Semi trucks,
the torpedoing whales of the interstate,
rocket down the asphalt
birthing invisible wakes of wind
travelers call slipstreams.

Small cars and trucks,
like cleaner fish following sharks,
nuzzle themselves in the slipstream
to take advantage of the cleaved path.

Russ is a slipstreamer fish,
moving from job to job,
taking credit for other people’s work,
signing the card when he didn’t
chip in for the present.

He’s the boss’ brown-nosing buddy
and only plays wing man
when he feels he’ll score
with his buddy’s leftovers.

The home office fired Russ today.
They found out his officemate was
clocking in for him
while he slept in late.

I guess that’ll teach that slipstreaming fish head
not to tail gate.