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charmedprincess – 2007-02-19 12:35 PM


I totally agree with the Soy crap taste and smell.

I heard something today (which I have not researched as of yet) that soy can actually be harmful in some people.  It has something to do with affecting the Thyroid. 


I have done a lot of research on this because my husband cannot have milk or milk products and this is what I have found.
Soy has natural hormones in it like estrigen which in some cases is helpful i.e. menopause. your tyroid is what regulates the hormones in your body Some people specially men can have a reaction to the extra hormones in soy. In men it can make them act more agressively, have mood swings and things like that. In woman such as myself, who are highly sensetive to hormones, it can create the same simptoms. Too much protein is also just as bad as too many carbs. If you are looking to stay healthy eat a well balanced diet and exersice everyday. that is what any good nuitritionist will tell you.