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I just came from St. Joseph’s Hospital at the full moon light. My X-husband, Kyle, who had been killed at a car accident and was no longer with me and the beautiful little girl we have. My little girl was born at October 11, 2009 at 7:52pm. She had beautiful blue sky eyes, her smile made all of my crying go away, and the best part of her she won’t cry most often like other babies do. But I still didn’t give her a name. She was different than my other boy, John. I knew why I give him the name John because he looked like my Uncle John. He had green light grass eyes, he has the same personality as Uncle John and even has everything from him. John is 14 years old. He’s in his freshman. Not a nerd but more normal.

I was home. John was carrying the baby while I was with my sister, Jessica. She had brown silky smooth hair and gorgeous brownish-black eyes. We talked all about the new little girl in the family. Suddenly, something came up my mind. I told her, “Jessica I know what to call her.” She smiled. The room was quite. My family was thinking what was going to be her name. Jessica said, “Well what is it?” I came up with a smile. I said out loud, “Her name is going to be Mili.” My family’s reaction were like ‘what kind of name is that?’ Jessica said, “I like that name.” Then my ma said, “Why did you name it that?” I said “something in my mind or from someone up above told me that’s the perfect name.” Everyone smiled. Mili was sleeping. And I was happy.