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Writing is Like taking a step forward and two back when you get a rejection slip in the mail. You sometimes wonder if you should just give up and start doing the housework you have let go for so long. And then, and then, you sit down and an idea comes to mind and you just have to put it into print. I guess I will just keep writing until they throw dirt on my coffin. A writer must accept rejection over and over and over again.

Anyone who says they are accepted on first try is either lying or they are a bloody genius. Anyhow, I plan to keep on keeping on…regardless of the outcome. I guess I am just stubborn that way. As THEY SAY life is just a comedy of errors…just like writing.

If it sounds like I am trying to convince myself to keep trying…I am!

If I sound discouraged…I am! I have read many books and I believe my writing is just as good…if not better.

I suppose you might say…I am venting my emotions. So be it! You don’t have to read this garbage if you don’t want to.

bjm 🙂 🙁 😉 😮 :emoticon: