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Writing is like being able to fulfill dreams, and adventures, I would not otherwise be able to fulfill. Writing does not come just from the mind, but more importantly, from the heart. Any artist, whether it is music, art, writing, or anything else, must come from the very depths of their heart to bring out its true beauty, and excitement. One must be totally immersed in the creation

Coming up through my youth I would read books and thrill to the adventures of the characters. My heart would pound with excitement at the thought of being in such a place, or living such a life, and imagining that someday that could be me. Very few people fulfill such fantasies as being a highly coveted secret agent, or being on a mission to save the world. However, while I’m writing, I’m there with my characters. It’s like being pulled into the monitor, and suddenly, I am alongside them sharing in the adventure. To be true, I can’t tell who is leading who, but when my fingers stop moving across the keyboard and I’m back in my real world. I can’t help but smile and think to myself, “wow, was that fun or what.”