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Mark Lewis

Quote – “Kirby – 2008-05-27 12:36 PM I like your list, Peg. Funny you should post this discussion. I was just thinking about sounds over the weekend while I was editing my novel. Does anyone happen to know what it sounds like when someone is stabbed through the heart? Does the knife have to go through bone? (Again, working on the novel–please don’t go running for your lives).”

To get the sound, buy a top round roast or any thick uncooked piece of meat and have at it with a sharp knive.  The heart is nestled inside the rib cage so it is very possible to hit bone (google the human skeleton for pictures of the rib cage). 

It takes a good amount of strength to bury a knife in someone up to the hilt – depending on where you strike, of course (and also depending on the knife.  The professional titanium kitchen knives are amazingly sharp).  Most stabbing deaths are caused by exsanguination (which is a term for blood loss… I always wanted to use that word, and I’m not sure I spelled it right!) and these murders are usually messy with lots of blood everywhere if the weapon has been pulled out of a wound.  Most of the bleeding is internal when a knife is left in a wound. 

The scene in “Saving Private Ryan” where the german ex-prisioner stabs the GI is pretty accurate for showing the amount of force necessary to do the deed.

DISCLAIMER – No, I’ve never knifed anyone, but I have been unlucky enough to see the result of several knife attacks, and I witnessed an attack in progress (and chased the assailant afterward – which is an odd experience when the other person has a weapon – and you don’t have anything).

Jeff C