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Kirby – 2008-05-27 12:36 PM I like your list, Peg. Funny you should post this discussion. I was just thinking about sounds over the weekend while I was editing my novel. Does anyone happen to know what it sounds like when someone is stabbed through the heart? Does the knife have to go through bone? (Again, working on the novel–please don’t go running for your lives).


OK, I’m not to knowledgeable about these things but in Lord of the Rings when Saruman gets stabbed in the back, near his heart, he does this quiet but gasping in-take of breath. In the special features, they said that Christopher Lee insisted that was the sound that would be made as he’s had a sinister past from WWII and the man just knows, they said). The actual sound of the knife going in would be silent unless there were metal objects in the way.

That’s what I heard.