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Kirby – 2008-05-28 11:36 AM

I like your list, Peg. Funny you should post this discussion. I was just thinking about sounds over the weekend while I was editing my novel. Does anyone happen to know what it sounds like when someone is stabbed through the heart? Does the knife have to go through bone? (Again, working on the novel–please don’t go running for your lives).

Not first hand or I most likely would not be telling you about it. There are different ways to “stab” to the heart

Front; over, downward or under handed thrusting motion
left side upper thrust through the ribs or straight in just below the armpit
even from the back again over, downward or under handed.

It is possible to hit the heart direct without any bone scraping but it would have to be a pretty precise movement or just dumb luck. From any of the above mentioned areas ribs are located in the front and side where as shoulder and again ribs in the back.

I would think you would not “hear” this if you were the stabber. Maybe more like sense it, and for sure feel it as the… knife grazed the rib as it slide over it or maybe the way the knife formed a suction as the muscle clenched over the smooth blade with each trust.

But really this is just guessing as I have not stabbed anyone nor been the victim.