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Great list Pegs, I remember my son’s first soccer game was on a large playing field with about 4 games going on at once. What kept striking me was how things had changed from when I grew up: The names being shouted were different, not only Tommy and David, but variations of all kinds of cultures, religions and languages and gender- both girls and boys are playing today; The parents of the girls were just as intense about the game as the boys, yelling, “Samantha, what is wrong with you, how could you let the ball get away!”; and, There were crowds of spectators.

When I grew up in the 50s-60s, first of all, noone in the midwest played soccer. Second, this was before Title 9 and BOYS had all the best fields, coaches, equipment and fans. If girls even had teams, we were at the mercy of the boys. ie. Our women’s college softball games were cancelled if the coach of the BOYS team wanted to use the field for PRACTICE (they wanted to save the grass on the official stadium field, so that made sense to them- no debate.) Once our team was hosting another university team who had travelled, umpire and all, and we had to forfeit in the middle of the game–yes game, not practice- so the football team could practice on our field. I can also remember playing in a softball game where the boys were throwing javelin’s right behind us. I played center field-and do you know what it is like to have to listen for a javelin landing in the grass behind you? When our coach complained, she was told by the athletic director that she could find her own field, the university fields were really only for men’s sports and the Track and Field team had a meet coming up. So the women should count their blessings that they were even allowed to play on the university fields at all.

Without Title 9, ADA and other laws the NOISES AND VOICES on the fields today would be different. I know many people on this forum hate government laws and intervention, my experience as a woman and advocate for people with disabilities says, minorities need laws and need them enforced. That is the only way to have a fair playing field (pun intended). All right, let me put on my defensive equipment before you start throwing punches. oww, oooh….