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@ Adam & April – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lacking for content. In fact both of my current books include extensive sections on food, cooking, food preservation, food shopping, etc. (although few recipes), and a lot of the press I get revolves around my approach to food/cooking/nutrition, especially my “under $1 a pound” philosophy of grocery shopping. There’s no doubt that I could generate the content for a stand-alone food/cooking book, but the challenge is getting it published. My current publisher (which has a right of first refusal on all nonficition book proposals I develop) nixxed the idea, which means I’m free to shop the proposal to other publishers. But since my current publisher has expressed interest in working with me on other titles (hopefully, I’ll have some good news to report on that front shortly), should I risk jeopardizing that relationship by jumping to another publisher, and, just in terms of my time, why pursue a possible book deal with new publisher if my current publisher is interested in having me write more titles for them?