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@james A. Ritchie wrote:

… The history of “writer’s block” is clear and well-defined. We can trace it from the very first recorded case, right through to the point where everyday writers started claiming they had it. We know when this started, why this started, and how it spread. …

This article is just the tiny, tiny tip of a very large iceberg, but you can start here:

Thanks, James. Fascinating.

Apparently Philip Roth has ended his career, too:; he was mentioned in the article James cited, ironically.

I still say writers’ block exists only if you believe in it. But I will confess that halfway through my first novel I believed that I was afflicted with writer’s block and didn’t continue writing for over a year. And then I realized that I wasn’t engaging in BIC because I didn’t know where I was going with the thing. So one day I slapped myself about the head and shoulders, put my brain in gear, and completed the thing, and went on to write, so far, nine YA novels and two more in progress.

If I quit writing, it will be because I want to, like Philip Roth, or physically or mentally unable to, not because I “can’t”.