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When I start writing a novel, I have nothing except a title I like, and the knowledge of which genre it will be. That’s it. No character names, no plot, no clue of what the story will be about. I have no idea what the opening scene will be, or the first clue about how it will end. Even when I’m writing, I have no idea what will happen on the next page. Like Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and a host of other writers, I never, ever plot. This is a pretty common way of writing.

You can’t be a really prolific writer and do much in the way of outlines or planning or plotting. Both these things take time away from writing.

“Writer’s block” usually comes from worrying about what will happen next. Prolific writers don’t usually think about what will happen next. What happened on the previous page is all that matters. It tells you what should happen on the current page, and the finished current page then tells you what should happen on the next current pager.

Have you never read how fast prolific writers write? Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. You can’t write three or four or five hundred thousand words per year and still believe in writer’s block.

If you want to cure “writer’s block”, just write the next sentence. Any next sentence.

I do suspect perfectionism often masquerades as writer’s block, but it’s all the same. Unless you are incapable of writing anything, you do not have writer’s block, you have a refusal to write the next sentence.