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My friend TJ was well-known for being the life of the party. He was also a lady’s man and he never seemed to have any trouble hooking up with them and of course he had grown cocky to say the least. Friday night in our usual spot at our favorite pub and most of the girls would stop by mostly to talk to TJ. After a few drinks TJ began to brag about his sex appeal.
“All the women in this bar would be honored to be with me, and all I need to do is walk up to them and throw them a few lines.”
“Dude, don’t be full of yourself,” I said. “Half of these women know you and that’s the only reason they’d pay you any attention.”
“Ok, do you see that cute chic over there? I know you’ve been eyeing her all evening but as usual you have no guts to talk to her and even though I don’t know her, I’m going to use a line on her that she won’t resist, just like all of them.”
“Here’s the deal TJ, walk up to her and ask her if she’s from Tennessee because she’s the only ten you see and if she takes the bait, I’ll give you a 100 bucks. How’s that?”
“Watch and learn buddy, watch and learn and O’, you just lost a 100 bucks.”
TJ actually inched his way through the growing crowd as he walked confidently toward the beautiful lady who was obviously new here.
I watched as my friend said something to her and she actually threw her head back as she laughed and before I knew it TJ had her hand in his as he slightly bent over and kissed it. They seemed to have connected instantly because they were talking as though they’d known each other forever.
I felt a tinge of jealousy because I had planned on talking to her myself after boosting my confidence with a few drinks and I was so sure she’d not fall for TJ’s sleazy line but I guess I had snoozed and lost. To make matters worse, I had just lost a 100 bucks.
I turned to the bartender to order another drink and when I turned round to look for TJ and the beautiful woman, I almost passed out because she was standing right behind me with her megawatt smile and an outstreched hand.
“Hi, I’m Rayna. Your friend is so funny and his pick-up line, wasn’t worth a penny.”
“I’m Ron and where is my friend TJ? I thought you two connected.”
“Oh, he’s a nice guy but he isn’t my type. I’ve been secretly eyeing you all evening.”
“It’s mutual Rayna and you are so beautiful.”
Three years later, an engagement and a wedding day set, I still think Rayna is so beautiful and I was so glad my bestman to be TJ lost this bet hands down.