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“Tell her she looks like a model.”
“Tell her she’s hotter than Angelina Jolie.”
“Tell her she’s hotter than J-Lo.”
Fred turned to me.
“Donnie, what do you think?”
“Ask her what it’s like to see a sunrise with her?”
“It’s romantic.”
The others made their remarks, but my look was firm and he knew I was serious. We had been friends much longer and he trusted me. Still, he usually didn’t take my advice. The last three he’d approached shot him down after he took their advice. So maybe I had a shot.

And off he went with that fake stride and his new crew cut.  His hair was about gone.  He tried the military man angle.  Just never knew what to say.  The crowd was intense.  10:30.  Enough drinks and enough dancing so that people were dizzy with the excitement, but still sober enough to look and stare and even go after what they wanted.

He had to tap her on the shoulder twice.  Not good.  Another guy looking their diection. Even worse.  I didn’t want another night like the one hat gave me this scar near my hairline.  Or that time I went after this one married chick when I was alone.  Her husband and fifteen friends were there for a party.  I didn’t think that big oaf would ever stop kicking my ribs.  It’s been a while since those days.  I won’t go back. 

I watched him deliver the line with that smile.  She had to see it as I saw it from across the bar.  She made her response.

“Well, that is a good one.”

“Yeah.  My buddy said that…”

She looked my way.

“That guy over there in the striped shirt?  With the spiked hair?”

“Yeah.  You need a drink?”

“I’ll tell you what I need, babe.  I’m pretty sure I know him.  Go tell him to come over.”

He was like a little puppy running after me, his owner.  He agreed to walk over.  I approached her.  She was the same as last Friday night’s endeavor.  Sharp eyes, skirt just high enough to be sexy and keep her class, of which there was none.  She bought me a drink and kept looking into my eyes like I was her reason for coming out all fixed up with that perfume that would turn bud into a flower.  There was touching shortly after when she laughed at what I said.  I wasn’t telling a joke, but life sure is funny like that.

I watched a little later as he went back to them and looked for more answers.  They laughed a lot as he tried one after another.  She finished her drink and gave her hand over as I helped her off the stool.  I waved to the group as I made my way out.  Time to see what the sunrise looked like with Smooth Donnie and little Miss whatever.

MAn comes up with names.  I don’t thank men.

Thank God for women.

Thank God for friends.