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Yes, he figures pretty large in my life. I’ll be fifty-five in a couple of weeks, and a relative newly-wed (married in 2006). First time for both of us – neither of us ever wanted to get married, and here we are. Guess, “the rest of your life” doesn’t seem so ominous at this age.

I wanted to hold out on revealing who he was/is. ‘Serendipitously’, we meet two evenings later at a mutual friend’s art exhibition and not until we make arrangements to go photographing, do I realize he’s the guy from the bus – yes, the window was that dirty. Should I reveal so early in the story who he ultimately will ‘become’?

I had a comment that I should flush out the reasons I couldn’t commit, but that’s a whole other story, that, given I’ve been running from relationships all my life may be relevant. That said, I’d rather not go into it here and might side-track the story. Did you ask yourself why the character couldn’t commit?

How was the reading?

Thanks so much for taking the time to critique, Pegs.