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leikec – 2008-05-30 9:26 AM Quote – ”

When a man’s wife interprets something wrongly, it may be her problem, but you can bet it’s the husband’s problem, too.”


Ahhh… Someone who understands. I get the feeling you are speaking from experience, James.


I am capable of scorning when scorning is required, but if you knew me personally you would instantly see that I am too angelic to consider that type of behavior. I prefer to win women over with my natural God-given charm.


Jeff C


James – OK, I’ll grant that a wife’s interpretation can cause her to behave in a way that is a problem for her husband (and vice versa of course). The kind and mature way for the husband (wife) to respond, then, is to clarify his own intentions, and try to restate whatever it was in a more palatable way. My point was just that people will have their own interpretation of your actions or words, which may vary hugely from your intention, by no fault of your own. Each of us creates our own world.

Jeff C – Angelic, natural, god-given charm, eh? Well, then, surely you never have this problem!