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Mikala Engel

pegs – 2008-05-29 12:27 PM

leikec – 2008-05-28 11:22 PM

Quote – “Hell hath no fury…

How exactly do you scorn a woman, anyway?  

I ask because I think I’ve done it without meaning to do it, or maybe I just said something that sounded scornful to my wife – right at the precise moment when a single, well intentioned, barely uttered, mildly inquisitive comment was my intention.  Oh well…

Jeff C

Jeff – I think, in the original quote, “scorn” referred to refusing a woman, i.e. turning her down. That insults her pride and sense of womanhood, and she’s likely to get you back for it, even if it takes years:o . What you’re talking about is speaking in a tone or using words that your wife interpreted as having scorn behind them. If your intention was truly respectful, well, her interpretation is her problem. (Sorry to be blunt) If your feeling at the time WAS scorn or disrespect, you’re better off keeping your trap shut (Ibid).




When a man’s wife interprets something wrongly, it may be her problem, but you can bet it’s the husband’s problem, too.