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Laurie Zupan

JasonFontaine – 2009-10-01 1:00 PM

I get to play with new technology at work – they WILL survive. They’ve never had any medium since the format they currently rely on…costs are killing them. Google MacBook Touch. Google Microsoft Reader – these two devices, arriving early 2010 – will revolutionize the print industry. Bigger than an ITouch – totally interactive – yet much smaller than a traditional laptop.

Instead of saying the internet killed the print industry – publishers should embrace the technology and develop it further.

Imagine 100 years ago – if an e-reader was given to someone reading a book. They would jump for joy! Today we pine for paper. Why? The internet does everything those publishers 100 years ago could only dream of! I am optimistic – but early next year when Apple and Microsoft bring out their new devices – it could very well be a game changer in the RIGHT direction! 🙂

I’m excited about the MacBook Touch. Thought about waiting to get one but ended up getting another MacBook instead.

I’m getting ready to launch a city guide as an iPhone App, forging new ground at least in this city for bringing the written word to a new platform. I’ll be giving it away free on iTunes and charging on the back end for sponsorships, etc. It’ll give me a chance to provide best bets, restaurant reviews, business profiles – the kind of writing I really enjoy on a device where people carry it around all day in their pocket and don’t put it down until they go to bed at night. It’s gaining steam and will probably be sent to Apple as soon as October 15.


And since it’s for Albuquerque, I’m calling it ABQCityLife . I am having a blast putting it all together!