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Here is a revised version, I think its a bit long but it does fit on one page:

            How long does it take fact to become fiction, for reality to become myth, one year, two years a lifetime? How quickly can you forget the threat of death if not faced daily? What do you do when that myth becomes reality once again?

Mican is a slayer, she has lived through treacherous times fighting, killing, surviving, and trying to hold on to her sanity, her dignity and her life. She has battled thousands of sherridon, the foot soldiers of the dragons, outwitted hundreds of shargoth, evil men who lead the sherridon and protect the dragons with magic and escaped death in the form of a dragon more times than she cares to remember. 

            The bravest and strongest slayer Mican survives and lives through a time when there are no dragons. Unable to age, she becomes a shadow in a world that barely remembers dragons let alone slayers. Generations pass and the dragons return. Mican must return to the world and face her fears not sherridon, not the shargoth, not the dragons, not death but love.

            Mican knows she can’t find the dragon on her own so she goes in search of a keeper. A companion who will fight along side her fending off the sherridon and guiding her to the dragon. Daniel knows what it means to be a keeper. You spend your life defending ungrateful people and running after a demanding slayer chasing imaginary dragons. Then Mican shows up and he finds out things aren’t what he thought they were. A series of events makes Daniel realize his true destiny is by her side protecting her. They travel to her home to get ready for their first dragon quest together and to meet up with the other keepers.

            Along the way, they encounter their first foes and their first allies. Mack is a bard who has spent most of his life researching slayer and keeper history. He persuades Mican to let him and Cyndi, his daughter and apprentice, ride along. They meet with the other keepers and plan their perilous journey, first to council to address the fears both old and new, then to find the dragon. They also meet Shawn, Daniel’s brother. Mican is immediately drawn to him and it worries her. Could he be the one? She pushes her feelings for him aside. She has dragons to kill and no time for thoughts of love. Distractions like that could get a slayer killed.

            Dragon World – The Next Beginning is a complete 153,000 word science-fiction fantasy manuscript. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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